Moscow show


alexei-I do not care what Plushenko does

Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin wished health and Evgeni Plushenko said that he does not care what he does.
– What needs to happen to exchange barbs with Plushenko ended?
– People interested in my opinion on certain issues. Express, is somehow a response. And so on. Frankly, I do not care what makes Plushenko. I wish him only one thing – health.
– However, you reacted sharply and publicized threats Plushenko wife Yana `s in your address, which actually turned out to raffle prankera.
– And what would you do? Then there was the far east. In the 2-3 o’clock bell rings: begin threats, and, in a voice of Yana. How can you respond? I think that did the right thing, and let history remain on the conscience of the people who invented the rally. Pranker, incidentally, has not apologized.

Alexei injured in show

Show at the Palace of Sports “Amber” has not been without incident. Performing a jump in the second part of the program, Alexei Yagudin has fallen dramatically on his right foot, an injury which forced him in 2003 to complete a career.

– The hall already breathed – so all experienced at this point for Alexei! And then all cheered to support him – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, one of the spectators of the show. – Yagudin himself up and sat down at the table, which stood there as decoration. Then he limped badly, had gone to the locker room. I thought he did not appear, but soon he was again riding, however, more difficult jumps did.